Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Favorite scenes

This guy linked to a column that listed the writer's favorite scenes from his favorite movies. What the hey, I'll do it also.

In no order

1) Blazing Saddles: The first scene where we meet the governor as played by Mel Brooks. "Why do I always get a warped one!?"

2) Raiders of the Lost Ark: Indiana Jones hops on a horse and takes on a Nazi convoy

3) Geronimo, An American Legend: The mouthy miner who knows he is going to die tells off Geronimo.

4) Spiderman 2: On his way to see MJ in a play Peter Parker dons his spidey suit to help the cops chase down a bad guy and he webs a car right before it wipes out a crowd of people.

5) Almost Famous: The teenage Led Zeppelin fan.

6) From Dusk til Dawn: Cheech's pussy monolog.

7) Get Shorty: When Chili Palmer first meets Martin.

8) The Warriors: The Baseball Furies fight scene.

9) Blues Brothers: When the boys visit The Penguin.

10) Stagecoach: John Wayne's entrance.

11) Rio Lobo: When John Wayne beats the piss out of the boss.

12) Raising Arizona: The chase scene with the dogs (I may have never laughed so hard in a theater)

13) Southpark, Bigger, Longer and Uncut: Satan singing "Up There."

14) The Wanderers: That creepy-ass fight scene on the football field.

15) The Sandlot: Smalls try to convince the boys he's actually heard of Babe Ruth when he hasn't.

16) A Christmas Story: That tongue on the flag pole scene. I love how the other kids just leave that poor bastard out there.

17) The Empire Strikes Back: The whole battle of Hoth.

18) Star Wars: Han solo saying, "I thought we just left this party" when the group is confronted by more storm troopers. I remember my step dad chuckling.

19) Casablanca: Rick drunker than hell wondering why that chick had to show up in his bar.

20) Replacement Killers: Chow saying through cigarette smoke, "I'll need guns."

21) Shao-lin soccer: The brothers arriving on the rooftop.

22) School of Rock: Jack Black convincing Summer to be band manager when she refuses to be a groupie.

23) Bull Durham: Flash telling the batter what pitch Nuke is throwing next.

24) Shawshank Redemption: When Andy meets Red and asks him to buy him a rock hammer.

25) Shawshank Redemption: Andy offers to help that mean-fucker guard with his inheritance. Jesus, what balls.

26) Caddyshack: Rodney Dangerfield.

27) The second Matrix move: That highway chase scene. Yowzers.

28) Braveheart: The first big battle scene and the slow motion footage of the horses riding down on the Scot army.

29) Filth and the Fury: Johnny Rotten crying when he talks about how his friend Sid was marketed after his death. "How fucking evil is that, Julian?"

30) Filth and the Fury: A surprisingly lucid and intelligent Sid being interviewed in a park in England not too long before he departs for America and his end.

31) A Hard Day's Night: That scene on the train with the WWII veteran.

32) Saving Private Ryan: The death of the medic. Jesus, who can watch that more than once?

I reckon that's enough for now. I didn't expect that to go on for so long. Now it's your turn. You do one.

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