Saturday, July 31, 2004

A couple of things

Go to this link and listen to a few tracks by a band called Half Cousin. If the article I read in Mojo magazine is correct then they are from the Orkneys. Me like. I have to admit that I will be forever intrigued by any band from the Orkneys that is compared to Tom Waits. Hey, I'll bite.

Couple of nights ago I watched the DVD version of Mystic River. It was the second time I had seen the movie. If you have seen it once watch it again. I went into the theatrical release cold because I saw that it was getting high reviews across the board on Metacritic. Universal praise causes me to avoid details. Why spoil a movie? After seeing it and then reading about it, the second viewing allowed me to pick out details I missed the first time around. It's a tragedy and therefore depressing but it's such a good movie. One of them slow movers with a story. Unlike, say, Master and Commander.

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