Monday, June 28, 2004

That radical America-hatin' Michael Moore movie

First thing I noticed was that this movie is not all that radical. I didn't hear anything that I hadn't read before expect for the amount of money supposedly invested in our prez and our nation by the mideast (I am too ignorant of such matters to know whether or not Moore is exaggerating). Although it has more punch when combined with video of those involved. I guess that has always been the true power of the film format. The truth hits much harder in a darkened theater than half-truths presented to you on the tube by Fox "news."

A few impressions of the movie:

I didn't think it so much trashed Bush as it showed how our system allowed such a person to even enter the Whitehouse. It was a friendly shake of the audience. It was Moore saying "look what happened. Look what we allowed to happen. We let this happen and it's wrong."

There is a scene of raw news footage of an Iraqi women is in obvious mental agony over the bombing death of members of her family. She is crying out to god for mercy and justice. You can hear her say "allah" but the subtitle says "god." As an atheist I see no difference in the two terms. It was a nice subtle touch. Remember, Christians, allah is god; their mythology is merely different.

It included shots of mangled American soldiers. I think that's important, there are always more injured than dead in a combat zone.

The juxtaposition of the American mother grieving for her dead son and the failed attempt by the president to appear saddened by combat deaths.

There is a point where Michael Moore is trying to convince congressman to send their children into the army. One of them gives him the "what are you fucking crazy look" and it brought out the biggest laugh of the movie.

It had an amazing use of the theme song of "Greatest American Hero."

Our use of the lower class as our military and this betrayal of them reminded me of a comic book I read a long time ago. This comic was about futuristic military situations and one of them featured a "war world." Nations sent their armies to this world to fight wars and whoever won on "war world" could claim victory on earth. Naturally these wars were broadcast to earth as entertainment. Eventually the armies revolted and announced to the comfortable rich on earth that "we are coming to get you."

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