Monday, June 21, 2004

On the Stoop

I live in an apartment complex with red brick buildings thrown haphazardly into a triangular plot of land. Viewed from above I can only imagine that our buildings must look like abandoned toy blocks.

While taking the garbage to the dumpster last night I saw that one of my neighbors was sitting on the front stoop having a beer while chatting with a guy from the building across the parking lot. Scott was having a beer and his visitor was having some orange-flavored alcohol drink that comes in a can. I spend too much time cooped up inside so I hung out with them for a few minutes and talked NASCAR and video games with the guys for a few minutes. I even ran back to my place and grabbed a beer so I could fit in better. It was kinda nice, it had a nice Brooklyn-in-the-1950's vibe too it. Scott and I even made plans to get drunk and watch the Bristol night race in August. Can't wait for that. After about half an hour I went back inside and hung out until Chris came by to play video golf.

Yee Doggy!

Today during my dinner break I moseyed over to Borders and bought the brand new book of poems by Jimmy Santiago Baca. Who not only is an awesome poet but has one of the coolest names ever. It's called "Winter Poems Along the Rio Grande." It's mine and you can't have it. Although I will read passages to you over the phone if you really want to experience it.

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