Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Nicknames Redux (I love that word)

In keeping with the nickname craze that is sweeping the blogosphere I just remembered one of the best nicknames a friend of mine had in high school. There was this guy, his name was Wally but he was called Chip. Chips wasn’t the cool nickname. Chip was what his family and subsequently the rest of the world called him. We called him Doop Doop. More accurately, my friend Kevin called him Doop Doop. Kevin was our group’s Hawkeye Pierce if Hawkeye was in high school and had a large head. Chip began being addressed as Doop Doop while sitting with me and Kevin in the back row of a history class. Chip was balancing on the back two legs of his chair. It was a trick that I had perfected. He was rocking slightly back and forth on those back two legs, adjusting his set with his dangling legs. He adjusted too far back, almost went over backwards and then caught himself. During the save he exclaimed, “Doop Doop!” Kevin laughed for the next half hour and from then on Wally-known-as-Chip was called Doop Doop. God, I love other people’s nicknames.

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