Saturday, June 12, 2004

Music, music, music

Last night Wendell and I went to the Evening Muse to see Deanna Lynn. First off, let me say that Wendell loves Deanna Lynn. It takes a pretty special musician to cause Wendell to walk away from a club with his hands in the air like he just hit a game-winning home run and that's what he was doing last night. The new kid from work, Melanie was there with her beau Jeremy. They had been wanting to check out the Evening Muse and I had talked up Deanna and they came out. They seemed to really dig Deanna and were impressed by the club. So that was cool.

Wendell and I hung out outside with M&J for a while and talked to whoever came moseying out. Every time I go to the Muse there are always nice and interesting people milling around outside between sets to converse with. Escpecially cute and charming was a young lady who sang backup on two songs with Deanna. She was really gassed that here pariticipation had gone so well. She was practically bubbling. She definately charmed Wendell.

We bugged our shortly after and went to the Comet Grill to see Lenny Federal. He was playing an acoustic set with his brother Michael. Wow, another special event. They don't play together that much and it's always fun to see them. They have been playing music together for so long and they can play just about any song since they are so familiar with each other. It's always a good night out when you get to see three of your favorite people sing and strum.

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