Monday, June 07, 2004

Lies, Torture and 20,000 dead Iraqis: The George W. Bush Whitehouse

Ah, just got done reading the Wall Street Journal article recommended by Joshua Marshall. It turns out the Pentagon put out a report on how much torture is too much, narrowly defined torture and explained how one might avoid a torture conviction. How in the fuck does Rumsfeld still have a job? Oh, that's right, he's the best secretary of defense ever. I guess then the question is George Bush is not in jail? Oh, that's right, he's the president. He's above the law. He's protecting us from evil-doers. We're in a war, contrived though it may be. Someone pinch my butt, maybe I'm dreaming.

I just find it shocking that people in such positions of power fail to realize that information gathered through such measures is flawed. Tortured prisoners are going to tell you what they know you want to hear. Jesus, are these people mad?

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