Sunday, June 27, 2004

It's the little things

Friday I went to Target to buy a clock and an air popcorn popper. My roommate and I just got rid of our basic cable since cable combined with the cable modem was too dang expensive and what used to be tv time is now taken up by the ole Xbox. After ditching the cable we had to give back the cable box. The cable box had a digital clock and that was THE clock in the our home. Hell, it self-adjusted for daylight savings time. So THE clock is gone and the last couple of weeks have been confusing. I mean, what time is it, really? Every household needs its alpha clock and ours was gone. That's why I bought a battery operated wall clock at Target. It's cheap but probably functional.

Several years ago at a yard sale I bought an air popcorn popper for three bucks. The reason I bought it was that you could not find microwave popcorn that didn't have salt or butter added. It worked for about six months then the plastic cover got too brittle and started falling apart. I repaired it with duct tape and for another six months it held on until too much of the top started breaking off and only the tape was holding it together. After that I started finding plain microwave popcorn at the Harris Teeter. I bought that for a while and then it disappeared. I guess I was the only one buying it. For a while now I have been buying the less-conditioned popcorn I could find. Thursday night I tried to make some popcorn in the old popper. I guess I had forgotten how screwed up the popper was. It was a mess but I was able to make a little bit but ended up popping a few bags of some of Wendell's boyscout popcorn. It's not made of real boyscouts but is manufactured by third world boyscouts in sweat shops. So, boom! I bought an air popper along with a clock.

As a bachelor, I don't buy a lot of housewares. If I got a spare forty bucks I am going to buy a CD, DVD, video game or a book. When I do buy something practical and inexpensive like a clock it feels proper. Shit, it felt so right that I almost bought some nice drinking glasses.

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