Monday, May 10, 2004


It seems blogger has changed their log in page drastically sometime today. I felt like I was in a foreign land for a second.

Bachelor Party Memories

Last night we celebrated the Big Guy's upcoming official end of bachelorhood. Things I saw.

1) Michael ingesting an unhealthy amount of hard ale.
2) His future brother in law deciding to get drunk because he didn't want Michael to drink alone.
3) Some really shitty pool playing.
4) A guy almost electrocuting himself with a pool table light.
5) Later, at the titty bar, Louis Farrakhan working for tips in the bathroom.
6) A solitary male watching basketball in the quiet room while boobies were thrown to the wind behind him.
7) Men with their wife/girlfriend paying for much younger women to put their boobies in their wife's/girlfriend's face.
8) Michael with a chesire grin.
9) Future brother in law with a cigar and a ringmaster's grin.
10) The interests of the fellas waxing and waning as different girls hit the stage.
11) Dancers with rural southern accents.
12) A dancer with an overly muscular body.
13) Whenever an amateur had her top removed by a dancer the DJ would say, "Puppy alert!" Heads turn...
14) A blonde...thank god I didn't have a lot of money with me.
15) Michael getting his butt spanked with a belt by a dancer, his face screws up. He yells at us, "That really hurt!"
16) Future brother and law and I helping Michael climb a pole so he can get his socks back.
17) After that I had a nice dismount off the stage.
18) Boobies.

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