Sunday, May 02, 2004

Unfair and biased

I just flipped over to Fox news and they were covering the story about John Kerry adding Warren Buffett as an economic advisor. The Fox analyst, some guy named Smith, said he didn't know what Kerry was thinking because Buffett wants to raise taxes. I read a column by Buffett last year where he said he thought taxes on the rich (people like him) should not have their taxes cut. Of course the fox analyst didn't mention that fact. All he said was "raise taxes" several times. Buffett is willing to raise his own taxes because he knows he doesn't pay his fair share. That is dishonest news reporting and so far from "fair and balanced" that one can only laugh.
If there was a god and you were lying so blatantly in front of so many people snakes and worms would crawl out of your ears, nose and mouth.

My mother loves Fox news and even thinks that Bill O'Reilly is a great man. Do you have any idea how depressing that is? I have been campaigning with her for over a year to turn that goddamn network off.

Speaking of scum fucks

I did some partying down in Savannah and I don't like to go to sleep while still a little messed up so I did some late night television viewing. I came across CBN and got to watch Satan's little helper, Pat Robertson. There is a special place in hell for people like him who hide behind Christianity and the ignorance of others in order to spread lies. They actually showed a 'news' story about a little boy who had a nasty cancer that up and went away. That may be true, cancer is funny that way. It's happened before. It can also come back just as quickly. Of course CBN portrayed this as a miracle from god because an angel supposedly appeared to the boy's parents and told them everything was going to be alright. Heck, maybe it was Muddy Waters. I do have to give CBN some credit the piece was very well put together. The doctors they interviewed were mystified and referred to the boy's recovery as miraculous which, of course, later translated to miracle when the parents were interviewed. It was a marvelous bit of propaganda.

People like Robertson sometimes cause me to hope there is a god because she's got some payback for him when he finally croaks. I hope he's enjoying his worldly goods while he can.

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