Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Stealing Ideas

Today's entry by Tom naturally caused me to consider live albums that I listened to when I was younger.

I recall having KISS Alive on LP and cranking it up on Saturday evenings as I got all cleaned up to either go to a movie or drive in circles down Main Street in Traverse City, MI.

Three that he mentioned that I owned were "Wings Over America, Bob Seger's
"Live Bullet" and "Live Rust." "Wings" surprised me when I listened to it because I had no idea how many of those songs I was familiar with but didn't know they were Paul McCartney songs. This was when I was in my early teens and had just consumed the Beatles catalog and was moving on to solo works. I stopped paying any attention to Paul after he came out with "Pipes of Peace" and I bought "Plastic Ono Band."

I will always love that point on "Live Bullet" when Bob Seger said that he read in Rolling Stone magazine "that Detroit rock audiences are the greatest rock and roll audiences in the world. I thought to myself, shit, I've known that for ten years."

What about "Live Rust?" Let's just say it was one of my first DVD purchases after I got a player.

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