Friday, May 28, 2004

A rooma zoom zoom

Last night I went to the Lowes Motor Speedway with these two wonderful people.

We went to the qualifying for Coca-Cola 600 that will take place Saturday afternoon and evening.

Simply put we got to see big fast race cars take laps by themselves to see who was fastest. The faster you go the closer to the front you start Sunday night. It ain't rocket science but I hear it's close.

I highly recommend going to one of these qualifying events if you live in the Charlotte area. The people watching is fantastic, admission is only 15 bucks, traffic is about one tenth as heavy as it is on a race day and you get a good feel for how fast these cars actually go. It's big time and it's right around the corner from where you live.

Who duh superstar?

Years ago when I first started going to these events the two drivers who got the most crowd reaction were Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon. Gordon got mostly boos and Earnhardt recieved about 2/3 cheers and 1/3 boos.

My most recent two trips to qualifying events have pretty much sealed my opinion that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is the biggest star in the sport. I now see why he is in all those advertisements, when his car pulled onto the track Thursday he got a bigger reception than I ever heard his daddy get for simply qualifying.

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