Tuesday, May 04, 2004


Off and on for the last ten years I have been going to a diner on South Blvd called Hugos. It's owned by a Greek gentleman named George and, although they do serve meals other than breakfast, I only get breakfast there. My buddy Chris tells me that their pita burgers rock but I haven't sampled one of those yet. I'm pretty happy about the couple that owns the joint because in the last two years they bought the building from the company they had been renting it from and then remodeled the place. They serve my favorite hashbrowns in the city. Nice and crispy on top and warm and moist in the middle, like a turtle.

Lately I've been screwing up when I go to work at noon. I have been leaving at the last minute and then I end up having to rush to work. Today I decided to leave at 11 and run by Hugos for breakfast. I got me a ham, green peppers, onions and cheese omelet. Oh yeah, their omelets rock. I read the paper while waiting and devoured my food when it arrived. It worked about perfectly except that I forgot to bring a tie with me and had to run by my home to grab a tie. I was five minutes late. The best laid plans...

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