Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I hate being tired at work

I've been battling a nagging little cold and it's causing me to lose sleep. Today at work I was trying to explain to the new kid about that story concerning whether or not farm-raised salmon should be counted along with wild salmon in order to lower their endangered status. From what I read, a government official trying to push this through once worked as a lawyer for the professional organization that supports the rights of developers on the west coast. That would be a conflict of interest similar to, say, a supreme court justice going fishing with someone whose case he will be viewing in the future. I think I summed that up pretty clearly. Why in the hell couldn't I do that at work today. It's funny how when you are exhausted it's much easier to write than talk. At work I was about as well spoken as a hockey player with a mouthful of his own teeth.

Anyway, I'm going to bed now. Hopefully I'll fall asleep reading.

Reading in a few minutes: The Cloud Atlas by Liam Callanan.

I usually shy away from novels by English professors but this one is good. It concerns those balloon bombs the Japanese set aloft toward the states back in World War II. Besides, it a perfect book for a booktalk.

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