Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I can't believe I left it out

On my previous post that I stole from Tom I recalled some of my favorite live albums. Someone posted a comment that mentioned the album by Jimi Hendrix called "Jimi plays Monterey." For those of you that don't know, at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 Jimi Hendrix played his first American concert in front of a significant crowd. That was the night he played a fierce half-hour set in which he opened with a version of "Killing Floor" that has an opening riff that is like the gates of heaven opening. He does a version of Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" that feels autobiographical and is so passionately read that Jimi loses his place but he still has the presence of mind to alert the crowd that he realizes that he missed a verse. It also has that famous version of Wild Thing where Jimi humps his guitar into the speaker and then sets the guitar on fire.

If I remember correctly there are portions of this show on the movie called "Jimi Hendrix: the movie." When I first heard that the full show was being released back in the late eighties I was all gaga for it. I had read much about it and could not wait to hear, especially since it was gong to be released unedited. Now, with newsgroups, finding unedited concerts of your favorite artist is relatively easy if your favorite artist is worth a shit. When this audio cassette came out I was thrilled. Rarely has anything lived up to the hype like this show did. I don't have a copy of it at the moment. I need to remedy that.

Thank you, mysterious stranger, you reignited my appreciation of Jimi Plays Monterey.


Oh yeah, speaking of live shows. The other day I bought the DVD of the Stooges show in Detroit from last year. Tom, you need to buy this right away.

More James kudos

Again, thanks to the currently existing link from James' blog. I'm still racking up the unnatural number of hits. I've never had such a popular friend before. He's like the varsity quarterback of our blogging team.

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