Saturday, May 01, 2004


OK, so it's been a view days since I done blogged. I was waiting for emails asking why I hadn't blogged. None arrived so I have to motivate myself to write. I am posting a lot of pictures this time and I hope you dial-up bastards don't have too much trouble with it.

I've been on vacation the last two weeks. What did I do? I Xboxed, dicked around on the computer, ate out a lot, self medicated, read, played guitar, played tennis once, went to the park, spent a couple of days in Savannah, slept in, traveled twice to eat genuine North Carolina barbecue.

My first trip, in my first week of vacation, to eat barbecue was to a place called R.O.'s located in Gastonia. Oh my fucking god, was it good. What makes their barbecue so good is the coleslaw they put on the sammich. It's to die for. Yesterday Chris, Wendell and I drove out to Albermarle to go to a place called Whispering Pines. Oh my fucking god, that was awesome also. Let me say that if you live in North Carolina and don't seek out and eat at one of the local family-owned barbecue joints near where you live you are doing yourself a disservice. They are one of the perks of living in this area like dirt tracks and sweet tea.

I went to Savannah with an old buddy I hadn't traveled with in ages. You know how sometimes you feel the need to spend time with a person? He hadn't been to Savannah before and I have been there several times. I hadn't been in a while so I wasn't sure if I still knew my way around. I did, which was cool because it made me look cool. In front of Savannah's courthouse there is this eternal flame kinda thing called the Flame of Freedom. I thought it would be fun to take a picture of Chris getting burned by the Flame of Freedom. Yes, we had had a few drinks that night.

Earlier that same day we went out to Tybee Island and did some sight seeing. I hadn't seen the ocean in several years and it's good to be near the ocean now and then. It's where we all came from. It's like going back to the womb but with more wind.

Even earlier that same day we stopped by the Bonaventure Cemetery. Although we got there at midday with a strong sun that detracted from the potential gothicism of the place it still has a magic to it even at high noon, baby.

I just thought I would do a little vacation wrap up so you don't think I just slept in everyday until noon and then went and got a plate of hashbrowns at Waffle House. I only did that twice.

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