Thursday, May 06, 2004

Almost enough to cause you to pull an Elvis and shoot your Teevee

Last night while flipping before Southpark came on I came across Hannity and Colmes on Fox Infotainment. They were interviewing a defense attorney that was representing one of the soldiers being scapegoated for the rampant abuse of Iraqi prisoners by our military. The whole point of the interview seemed to be the point at the end made by Hannity that John Kerry claims to have violated the Geneva convention in Vietnam. He gave the attorney a nice opening and allowed him to say something to the effect, "Yes, killing noncombatants and shooting unarmed enemy in the back is worse that the mistreatment of POW's." So, there you go; anything taking place in Iraq is better than John Kerry's behavior in Vietnam. How do these creeps sleep at night?

I was appalled that these two "journalists" did not even bother to question the insinuation of this attorney. I have heard some of the quotes by Kerry when referring to atrocities. The way he stated it was that the Vietnam War was an atrocity and by participating in it he committed an atrocity. The way that statement has been twisted is shockingly dishonest.

Oh, and from what I've read, if the only people who get convicted of any crime in this prisoner abuse thing are low-ranking enlisted folks then we have a big problem because it goes a lot higher than that.

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