Monday, April 26, 2004

Ug Oomgowa or More than likely you don't give a whit about this

I like stock a car race. Today there was an unpopular end to a race. Today's Nascar Cup race ended under a yellow flag. The race was held at Talladega. Talladega is 2.66 miles around and the banking on the turns resembles a tidal wave. The drunken rednecks in the stands knew that if NASCAR stopped the race after a late caution, that once the race started with a two or one lap shootout, there would be a 85% chance of a wreck. There was also a better than fifty-fifty chance that this wreck would be spectacular. I'm talking about the possibility of ten or twelve cars smashing into each other at 190 mph. I'm talking about the chance of a 3000 pound car geting spun backwards, it's ass end lifting up into the air and then barrell rolling for over a thousand feet. Or both these things could happen at once. Hell, one of those cars could flip into the stands, killing dozens. Ten years ago that might have happened. But now, NASCAR has a national audience and a big wreck at the end of an already overly-risky restrictor-plate race would not play well in the media, especially after their best driver died three years ago at another track where the cars are hampered by a resctrictor plate.

So what did this sensible but, only now after useless injury and death, common occurence bring out in the fans? Anger and the acting out of that anger. Hundreds of fans on the front stretch tossed empty beer cans onto the track...after the race was already determined. How did the network announcers react? With the same outrage as David Poole. What nonsense. These fans who come to Talladega were weaned on carnage. The fwiggin' ads for races at Talladega feature big ole wrecks. NASCAR had a chance to offer these fans a chance at some big-time crashing, burning and flipping that was almost guaranteed by a one-lap shootout. These people were denied what they had been offered. They tossed aluminum cans onto a racetrack after the race had already been decided. Hey, these people were drunk. NASCAR has an official beer for christ's sake (notice the lack of capitalization of the word christ). Such hypocrisy is...presidential.

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