Tuesday, April 27, 2004

In other news, all pieces of the True Cross have declared really bad fakes

I remember hearing about this and having doubts.

I also saw that there is another expedition going to Mt. Ararat in search of Noah's ark. Hey, if they find an ark on the top of that mountain I will convert and spend my life spreading the word of the Lord. That is how confident I am that Noah's ark is not preserved on the top of a fucking mountain.

Since we are getting all goddy here I just saw another story about the Shroud of Turin. The shroud is my favorite religious fake. It's even cooler than that blood in, I think Milan, that supposedly came from some martyr. It liquifies once a year. The shroud is interesting to me because it is a very old legitimate medieval hoax. The story of its existence is more interesting than what it is supposed to be. Check out the poll next to this story. Over 40 percent of the responders think the shroud actually was wrapped around the bloody corpse of Jesus and a significant portion "don't know for sure." Fucking morons.

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