Monday, April 19, 2004

I ain't never done this yet

I've seen it on other blogs but I figgered I should do it now since I've had too many beers to read.

Searches that have brought peoples to me blog in reverse order until I get bored doing it:

(By the way, text in parenthesis contain my cute little comments on each search. Enjoy!)

Goggle (No, I can't speel)
chickenheart cosby (number fucking-one on websearch!)
peter hessler (who the fuck is he?)
1978 toyota corrola (my car back on Okinawa in 1988)
ted rall pic (Might want to try an image seach, bucko.)
ian mcklellen (Obviously Sir Ian doing a vanity search)
okinawa blog
high speed photography grenade (Nice idea)
"anti-bush quotes" (I don't have enough)
big ed (Must be someone researching my pecker)
jock straps use ( porno and protecting your nuts when combined with an athletic cup)
the meaning of the song 'bridal train' by the waifs (I hope my blog was helpful. Saw these young ladies open for Dylan last year)
Alla Kliouka (So far the most popular search that has brought suckers to my blog)

That's all for now. My counter only holds so many searches.

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