Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Fumbled the ball and then picked it back up and scored a touchdown

Today I had my first booktalk. For some reason, several months ago I had convinced myself that the talk was supposed to take place in May. Nope, it was today. The type of talk I did was a club we call Mom's Book Break. Fifteen minutes after the talk was supposed to start two of the mothers came upstairs looking for the booktalk librarian. I asked them which book they were discussing today while thinking to myself "don't say Heroe's Daughter, Don't say Heroe's Daughter." One of the ladies looked at me and said, "Heroe's Daughter." Crap.

I ran downstairs and started the talk. It turned out pretty great, I have to say. I was prepared. I had read the book months ago and had worked out questions to ask the ladies weeks ago. Thank god I was ready. The three ladies that showed up had read the book and one of them had been to Russia which is where the book is set. The conversation flowed well and I asked good opening questions. I just hope that these were the only three that showed up and we didn't lose someone because it started late.

Maybe it worked out for the best that I had forgotten about the talk. I had no time to worry about it and was able to go downstairs and just do it. Having done this and having it go well will really help me with my big formal book talk that is coming up...uh...sometime soon. I'm not really sure when. Nah, I'm kidding, it's June 3rd.

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