Thursday, April 01, 2004

But once they are born it's OK to bomb and shoot them or send them somewhere to be shot or blown up.

"We stand for a culture of life in which every person counts and every person matters. We will not stand for the treatment of any life as a commodity to be experimented upon, exploited or cloned," the president told GOP donors to his campaign at a fund-raiser in Washington Tuesday night.

A personal note...

I have to say this attitude is my favorite form that hypocrisy takes with the anti-abortion right wing crowd. They are against the destruction of cells that may become human but think nothing of killing fellow human beings whether it be in a needless war or by executing retarded people.

I remember talking to a musician once at the Milestone club a long time ago and he told me about an anti-abortion rally he had witnessed. One of the slogans the protesters were chanting had something to do with not killing unborn babies because they were future soldiers. I think that sums up the attitude of our presidente perfectly.

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