Thursday, March 11, 2004

Take that, you sweaty bastards!

I went and saw Primus perfrom at the Grady Cole Center the other night. How was it, you wonder? Let's just say it was the Primus saw I've been wanting to see since I discovered them in 1990. Two sets, over two hours long and the the encore was "Too Many Puppies." It's always cool when the one song you want to hear by a band is played in the encore.

Funny moment of the night: I don't remember which song it was, either "Is it Luck" or "II" but during this particular song the mosh pit was really going. Bodies were flying all over the place and it was starting to get a little too big for those of us there to actually see the band. Primus songs change tempo a lot and this song had three seperate portions where it sped up and the moshers would go gaga. The third time this portion came around Les Claypool slowed the band down and started chanting the lyrics to the soft un-moshable beat. It was brilliant. All the moshers froze is their starting positions, kinda looked around and then turned to face the band. I didn't expect to laugh outloud at the concert but I gotta thank Les for that gut laugh.

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