Sunday, March 28, 2004

I haven’t been away, I’ve been writing with invisible ink, you bastard.

It’s strange, I’ve been in kind of a funk recently. A sort of non-blogging, not excercising fog. I know what it is, I am having a lifestyle problem. You know, tired of being tired kinda thing. Mid-life crisis? Fuck you, it isn’t. Remember I bought a 1989 Honda Civic, not some hotrod I couldn’t afford. Time to gather up all my shit and get it together.

I finally, finally got off my ass on Friday and went for a bike ride. It was only my second bike ride in March. Unacceptable. It was fun though. Sweating is good, it clears up your mind and darkens your clothing. I also saw my first bikini clad female of the spring. She was laying on the grass located on the tiered section of Freedom Park. Gracias.

Yesterday I went by Berrybrook and got me another of them fantastic veggie burgers. Damn, I love those things. They finally got some Desert Essence Lip Rescue back in stock. I was jonesing bad. Thanks also to the pretty girl in the juice bar who smiled at me. Garsh, how can you not adore those young hippy girls they get in there? They are so young and healthy that they almost glow.

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