Saturday, March 06, 2004

Bigger, longer, now in my possesion

Yesterday I stopped by the Repo Records store on Central Ave. When I first moved to Charlotte back in 1990 Repo was the only place I bought CD's. They had a good selection and the best prices in town. They also had one of the first good used selections in Charlotte. They were really ahead of the curve at Repo as far as re-selling used CD's. I remember when they were being pressured by the industry to stop selling used CD's but they owner ignored the industry and kept on selling them. Now, of course, almost every music store now sells used CD's. Another thing I loved about Repo was that their prices were the lowest in town. I don't know how they managed to sell new CD's at almost five dollars less than the other stores but they did.

I've stopped going to Repo in the last few years although I am glad to see that the store on Central Ave is still open. I think I go there less than I used to is because I don't drive down Central Ave that much anymore. I stopped in yesterday because it was nice out and I was wanting to extend my drive around town for a litte while.

I spent about half an hour browsing through the used collection and I was happy to see that their selection is still pretty darn good. They actually had a couple of used CD's by the Mekons and those are about as common as used Flaming Lips albums and Neil Young albums without Pearl Jam or not dedicated to Kurt Cobain. I almost bought the Mekons CD's but I saw the used DVD of Southpark: Bigger, Longer and Uncut for $10. I've been meaning to get that for a while so I put back the Mekons and left with Southpark.

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