Wednesday, February 25, 2004

What the hey?

Just read this story via James' blog. Sexual encroachment? What the hell? Sounds to me like the old horny bastard was hitting on her. Shit, I went through tougher experiences during my freshman year of high school. I think I'd rather fend off the advances of an old horny poet than have five seniors dunk my head in the toilet.

Sexual encroachment? By the way it's defined in this article it's an advance by anyone who physically revolts you. Does that mean that the sloppy drunk women at the Comet Grill a couple of years ago that played with my hair was encroaching me? Soon, if you you raise your eyebrow to a co-worker you will be accused of "sexual suggestion." I think Paglia is right, she is trivializing the real problems others have with this silly accusation.

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