Thursday, February 19, 2004

The wacky ole Harris Teeter

Today in my usual rush to work I swung by the nearby Harris Teeter grocery store to buy some frozen food and a soda pop. After swiftly moving through the self checkout line I was moving out of the store and heard a guy mutter to himself "nice tits" as he was entering. Assuming that he wasn't referring to me I scanned the area and did not see any tits that required an audible appreciation. I often walk through the Harris Teeter and see boobies worthy of praise but I say it in my inside voice, not outloud so strangers can hear it.

After climbing in my hotrod and firing the beast up I was sitting at the exit, attempting to turn left onto Colony and I saw an attractive blond woman in one of those expensive foreign station wagons picking her nose while turning into the Harris Teeter parking lot. She really had her finger up that nose. Boy oh boy, she was drilling for oil. I don't recommend picking your nose while driving but I guess it's safer than talking on the phone.

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