Saturday, February 21, 2004

A rooma zoom zoom

If you have been paying even the least bit of attention to these secret and heart wrenching posts then you know I have a new car and I am totally gassed about. Me and my hotrod are still in our honeymoon stage. In fact a couple of days ago I put the first bumper sticker on the new car. I put a sticker I received from Bloodshot Records. It was included in the last order they sent me. If you like music that is earthy and real I recommend checking the label out. (Jesus Ed, you say to yourself, we get it. You like Bloodshot Records. Move on to something else like quotes from old papers)

I hadn't really taken the new car on what I would call a road trip yet. I've been kinda trying to save a few bucks before I did that. I like to be sure that when I leave town that I have enough dough to get back in case I run into trouble. Now that I no longer have a credit card (that I can use that is, I have a credit card account I am paying off slowly. Oh, so slowly. Slow like evolution.) So today I drive about 80 miles to Rockingham, NC to watch the NASCAR series qualify for Sunday's race.

Today I was off and all this week I was considering driving down to Rockingham to watch the Nextel Cup (formerly Winston Cup) drivers qualify for Sunday's race. I really had a strong desire to go to Rockingham sometime this weekend. Up until this season the track hosted two Cup races. This year, for the first time, they are only hosting one race. The big reason that the track lost a race is that races there don't sellout. It was financially wise to move Rockingham's second race to California where there will be 150,000 asses in the seats instead of the paltry 70,000 asses that will be planted in Rockingham this weekend. It's understandable but it's really sad for the sport, I think, because the races at Rockingham feature better competition than the track in California. Ah well, it's out of my hands. I can't go to the Busch race tomorrow because I have plans and I just couldn't afford to go to Sunday's race. Today's trip to the track was my little way of saying that I like Rockingham and I hope it stays a part of the sport.

A second reason I had a desire to go to Rockingham was that going to Rockingham for a NASCAR race was the last thing my step-father and I did together before he died. That was over ten years ago. Call it a piligrimage on two levels.

I won't bore with a lot of details but I will say I was disppointed that the weather was so chilly. There were no ladies wearing revealing clothing that was inappropriate for their body type. That's half the reason for going to a NASCAR event. I guess I'll have to wait for qualifying in May in Charlotte.

I will include the leasty blurry photograph that I took today of race cars going a rooma zoom zoom.

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