Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Oh, Internet

One thing I dig about this internet thing is how easy it is to contact people you admire. A few days ago I saw that a couple members of one of my favorite bands, the Waco Brothers had started a new band called Dollar Store. I'm sure I have mentioned the Waco Brothers before. They are one of the many projects by my favorite Mekon, Jon Langford.

Once I saw that Dollar Store existed and they were releasing an album on Bloodshot Records I shot an email off to Dean Schlabowske who fronts the band. Mainly my email said you write great music and I hope your new band comes somewhere near Charlotte when you tour (fat chance). The next day I got an email from the man and he, predictably, said they had no plans to come down here but he would keep me posted. Oh well, maybe I'll get lucky and they'll perfom in Atlanta or Chapel Hill and I can make the road trip many music lovers that live in Charlotte have made over the years.

But it's still nice to have even this tiny little connection to an artist you respect. It's like an affirmation that they actually do exist outside of their albums or books.

Other people of interest I have emailed and gotten a response from

Christopher Moore (writer)
Jon Langford (mad genius)
Al Franken (his was the best, he wrote "thank you for you kind comments. Please don't mistake this response as a welcoming to future correspondence or friendship, it's not.)
David Brin (science fiction writer. I tried to interview him for a paper I was writing on the future of publishing and he politely blew me off.)

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