Tuesday, February 03, 2004

My first team meeting

Today I went to a meeting. It was a gathering of the six people on the books on tape team. Starting in a few months we are going to lower the amount of money we spend on our standing order and the team is going to start purchasing books. Pretty exciting, I think. I like buying stuff.

One amusing thing happened. I have noticed over the years that our book on tape collection has hardly any science fiction. When I mentioned that silence fell across the room like some soundless blanket. No matter, I will not give up. We will get more SF titles. Maybe if I call it speculative fiction the rest of the team will pay attention. It may be that they think all I want to do is buy speculative fiction books. Not true. I just want more than what we have now: almost nothing.

I will give you a for intance. David Brin has written some of the best literate science fiction over the last 20 years. How many of his books do we have on tape? Zero. Michael Swanwick? Nada. Orson Scott Card? One and it's not even one of his SF titles. No "Ender's Game" on tape? No excuse. This shall change if the others don't smash me down hard and quick.

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