Thursday, February 12, 2004

Jesus, Mary and Joanne

I heard on NPR news this morning that Massachusetts lawmakers debated the same-sex marriage thing for six hours. Six hours? Six hours?!?! Six hours?!?!?!?!!? Surely there are more important things to decide in Massachusetts than whether or not boys marry boys and girls marry girls. Like say hunger or, uh...unemployment or AIDS or...let's see... maybe education or safer roads or executing people that drive giant SUV's. All kinds of stuff more important than who wants to marry who.

I remember a story from the show Real People that was about a male/female married couple who both wanted a sex change operation. At one point I remember the guy was mostly female and the girl was still mostly female. At what point would that union become “same sex?” Only in this country could a state legislature actually debate this topic for a full day and the people don’t storm the gates and spank their fat bloated behinds.

Honestly, I know I have mentioned this before in this blog but you have to hope there will come a day when this is just not an issue. I hope I am alive during the time folks look back and laugh at the idiocy of a people that once got their panties in a wad over the fact that someone might be in love with a person that has the same package downstairs as they do.

But until then middle American cow people moo their way happily around the non-issues like this one and whether or not stem cells have a soul while nothing real or important is debated. Ass heads.

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