Friday, February 06, 2004

I want my cable back

The day before yesterday I came, turned on my roomie's computer and attempted to access the internet. No dice. I then walked over to my TV, I still owe a friend $100 for, to see if it was working. No dice. I figured Wendell and I had waited too long to pay the cable bill again so I called TimeWarner so that I could pay our large overdue balance over the phone with my bank card. For once it was not are delinqency that caused our cable to go kaput. After walking me through all the troubleshooting I had already done the operator determined that my cable was broken. The will be by Monday to fix it. Hopefully.

Later I examined the cable connection to the wall and noticed that this large gameboard that Wendell keeps behind the couch, which has never left its postion behind the couch, was leaning against the outlet. I think I know what is wrong now. See accumulating goods is bad. Wendell's need to possess has kept me from stealing music for two days now. Wendell, you bastard.

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