Thursday, February 19, 2004

Howdy there

Just got done watching, for the umpteenth time, the movie called Shaolin Soccer. If Sam has existed on this planet on this current go-round for no other reason then he will forever be remembered by me as the person who introduced me to the genius of Stephen Chow. I don't remember if I have metioned the movie before on this blog but it came out in Hong Kong back in 2001. Initially I was expecting a cheezy move despite Sam's reassurances that it was a great film. I remember Sam didn't give me a lot of details concering the film because it's almost impossible describe. It's a martial arts movie. A soccer movie. It's a comedy. A romance. It's about the relationships of brothers. It's about the nature and technology. It shows the poverty of Hong Kong. It's sentimental. It's harsh. It's has matrix-style computer action scenes. It's a parody. It holds up to repeated viewings like a good Coen brother's movie. Let's just say it's original. This is just my way of saying that I got my DVD version of the movie straight from an Ebay seller in Hong Kong. Now I can watch this piece of art any dang time I wants to.

A shout out

To second Ann's endorsement Dave Chappelle might have the funniest show in television right now. Laugh outloud score for tonight's show: 10+

Shout out another one

In today's entry Tom mentioned how much he loves the song Ghost Riders in duh Sky and how he prefers Johnny Cash's version. When I borrowed indefinately my grandmothers Johnny Cash tapes that song was the first one that really grabbed me and made me a Cash fan.

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