Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Hoo doggy

So I got my cable back on Monday morning. This allowed me to watch the re-showing last night of the Bud Shoot Out that took place at Daytona on Saturday. I was also able to get back on the newsgroups and find me some more music.

There is a sad note to this re-establishing of my cable connection. I lost my free HBO. Several years ago when I first ordered the cable for my apartment the technician who installed my cable noticed that I had HBO coming through clear as a bell. I said to him, "I didn't order HBO. Are they going to charge me for it?"

He said "Probably not."

"Are they going to disconnect it?" I axed.

"Probably not. Hey, have a good Thanksgiving." He left.

This was the day before Thanksgiving and in the afternoon. I was either his last call or close to it and he just did not care if I was getting free HBO or not. Bless his heart. Sometimes we profit from the apathy of the American worker. Now my HBO is scrambled. There is no way I am going to pay for it. It's going to stay that way unless Wendell wants to cough up the extra dough.

By the way

Do not rent, borrow or attempt to watch the Kevin Costner directed movie called "Open Range." It is the absolute worst movie I have seen in a long time. The story has been done a million times (that in itself is no reason to not enjoy a western), the dialogue must have been written by an 8th grader that has read a few Louis L'amour books and the acting is petrified wooden. The character which Costner destroys is some kind of reformed killer like Shane or the preacher from Pale Rider with the stoicism of every strong but silent character that Clint and John Wayne have played dozens of times. I guess his idea of portraying the strong silent cowboy is to freeze his face into a blank manniquen's scowl. God, what a fucking shitty ass movie.

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