Sunday, January 04, 2004

The ugly side of alcohol

Last night started out nice. I went over to my friends' Granville and Sierra, home to watch the Carolina Panthers trounce the Dallas Cowboys in our first playoff game in many years. A co-worker of Granville and Sierra called Christian came by also. He grew up in Dallas and I felt his pain as much as I could while enjoying a great victory.

Granville has a nice new widescreen flatscreen television. He had not sold his old television until last night. He sold it to me for $100. After the game I went home, hooked up my new television, cracked open a brew and fired up the Xbox for the first time in a coule of days. I was enjoying myself and getting ready to wrap up my evening when Wendell came home from a bar with our mutual friend, C.B. in tow.

Initially I wasn't concerned. CB has been known to over imbibe and he does occasionally crash at our place when he goes to see live music at a nearby bar. I don't have a problem with that. He has had DWI's before and I would prefer a drunk on my couch to having to bail him out at 8 am.

After about ten seconds of his wobbling and angry presence I realized I was in for a long night. He yelled, he self-loathed, he asked me to hit him, he said we hated him, then he hated us, he loved us, he loved the musicians he saw that night, we were disloyal fucks because we weren't there, he left twice and came back, then he hated us again, then he fell and cut his eye, then he wanted me to hit him again, then he wanted us to drive him to his car so he could drive home, then he said people don't want to accept him as he is and then he passed out. This went on for almost four hours.

Someone needs to STOP drinking. I hate to admit and I've come to this realization before when he has gotten this blind raging druink that my friend is an alcoholic. He won't admit, he can't have a few beers, take a piss and go to bed. What do you do? Do you drive this person from your life, even though he's an old friend, if he won't change? I don't want to do that but I can't take another nightmare like last night. It was ugly and sad.

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