Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Not since 1984

Although I am a sports fan I am not one of them that allows sports to dominate their life. That being said I am very excited about the Carolina Panthers and their upcoming appearance in the Superduper Bowl. Not since the Tigers won the World Series in 1984 have I had a team that I consider my "home team" go this far in a playoffs in one of the major sports. You know, baseball and football.

Although I have been following the Chicago Cubs over the last few years I cannot give to them the same emotional loyalty that I can give to a team that plays their home games less than five miles from my front door. Sports may get too much attention in this country and I will probably stop following the story until a day or two before the Big Game but I say fuck it, Go Panthers!

Rock Show

This last Saturday Wendell, Walt, Walt's partner in crime,Wilson and I went and saw the Drive By Truckers play at the Visulate here in Charlotte. I hadn't been to the Visulite in almost a year and I think it may be the best venue to see a band in the city. It's a club where short people can see the band all night. I just wish they would bring in more bands I like. I'd go there all the time if they did.

The Truckers came out about 10:30 and rocked the house. They were still rocking the house when Wendell and left a little after one. It sure was fun to see a band that lives to play live.

I was surprised by the large turnout for the show. The last time I saw the Truckers in Charlotte they played at the Double Door in front of about 30 people. I was lucky that night because it was right around the time Southern Rock Opera came out they played most of it that night. That was special.

Saturday they promised to make the Visulite a regular stop on their tour schedule. I sure hope they keep that promise.

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