Friday, January 02, 2004

Hey, ya'll

Well, it finally happened. My roommate's television died about four hours ago. What the fuck? Now I am going to start reading again. I was making some kick-ass fucking nachos for dinner and I had the Rose Bowl on in the background and I look around the corner from the kitchen (after giving my pitiful cat a spoonful of thoroughly cooked beef) to see a strange living room where the audio from the telvision broadcasters is coming through bright and clear but the television is a dark eye. Wendell is gonna be pissed. The television is not that old.

I walk over and hit the manual off/on switch a few times but all the television manages to do is make a noise like it's getting ready start up. That noise that sounds like a big slow lightbulb coming on. Then it makes a noise similar to an electrical spark and then stops. I had to break out the cheap 12-inch back up television so I could watch Primary Colors on the We network.

On that note what is up with We and commericials? Jesus Christ, I was really enjoying the movie and every ten minutes there would be a commercial break advertising what I assume were female slanted products and services. Maybe women pee more frequently than men. I didn't even make it to the point where Travolta's character confronts the young fellow who wants to resign. His Clinton-like character looks at the guy and smiles, knowing they have won the party's nomination, and says, "You can't quit now!" I love that part. The young man turns in his soul and goes on to victory. I have always liked the message of that movie: in order to achieve real power you have to check your soul at the door. Machievelli anyone?

Now, on to what I really logged to do

Remember when I mentioned that Chris and I went to 40 acre rock in Lancaster County, SC? I don't. Heck, I can't even remember what I had for dinner. No, wait, it was nachos. Damn, they were good. I can whup up a nice plate of nachos, man. But, dummy me, I accidently bought fat-free mozzarella cheese at the Harris Teeter. I had to resort to using only cheddar. I threw the fat-free cheese away. It tastes like shit. An old neighbor of mine once said that throwing away food is a sin but, fuck that, fat free cheese sucks. Besides that old neighbor of mine used the "n word" desperately so what the fuck does he know?

Get on to 40 acre rock, you idiot

Ok, I finally set this new computer up so I can manipulate and post pictures again. This first shot is of Chris standing at the summit of the giant granite rock. Notice how it slopes away behind him. I was expecting a flat rock but it's actually a giant boulder which is much cooler.

That's almost interesting, do you have another?

Sure. This next photo is of a shallow pool at the top of the rock. These mini lilly pads are surviving in about half an inch of rough soil. The water is less than four inches deep. I like how it almost looks like a pond or small lake because of how tiny the plants are. I had to get down on my belly to take this photo. No sacrifice is too uncomfortable for my photography.

Is there more there than just some big goddamn rock?

You betcha. You can follow a trail down the rock. There is a creek that curves around the rock's base. In this photo Chris is squatting next to the creek. The rock is actually behind him. Where we are in this pic is the spot where the creek starts to move away from the rock. This was in the early afternoon of the winter solstice and you can see how weak the light already is.

Are you sure it's a big boulder?

I think this picture shows how round this big rock is. You can see its slope and also a rivulet in the forground. There are several of these streams that have been carving noticeable paths in the granite over millions (billions?) of years.

Life is already too short or is too long?

I saw in a news headline (no I didn't read the story) that the earth's orbit is getting faster. Does that mean time will speed up or slow down? I think that means time will slow down. Thank god, I have so much I need to accomplish.

Ghost Cat

Ooooooo, scary!

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