Monday, January 12, 2004

Here They Come

Remember the day you first played the album Frizzle Fry by Primus back in 1990? I sure do. I don't remember where I read the review that caused me to buy the cassette. It was either Creative Loafing or Rolling Stone.

As soon as I put the newly-purchased cassette in the player of my crappy Ford Tempo I was hooked. I drove around South Charlotte for over half an hour and had no desire to go home until the album ended. I had never heard anything at all like Primus before in my life. They were loud like the metal bands. They played with tempo and silence like Zeppelin. They had quirky and intelligent lyrics like Tom Waits. They were what I had been looking for.

Yesterday I went to the soon to be closed Manifest Discs and bought the new DVD/CD by Primus called "Animals should not try to act like people." It' a gold mine. It has every single video they ever made along with some amateurish documentaries, old concert footage and concert footage of a couple of songs from each album period. The CD is five new songs by the band's original lineup. All this for twenty bucks!

You gotta love this DVD stuff that allows bands to pack so much material into a small inexpensive package.

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