Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Today I had to drive down N. Tryon St to sign a document in order to get the tags for my newish car. It was something I should have signed before but the dealer messed up the paperwork. No big deal. I don't have to be in to work until noon so I got time to run down there and sign the paper. It only took a minute and I was back on the road around 11:40, cutting through town, racing the clock to the Southpark area. I lost by seven minutes. Good news, though. I was able to tie my tie in one try today. Pretty good for me.

I noticed while driving through town today how pretty the sky was. The winter sun is different here in the Piedmont. The light is weaker than it is in the summer but it has a warm quality to it. From about 11 am on today it felt like sunset was an hour away. The towers downtown caught the low angled light and stood out more than usual. I felt like I could touch them like you do with stars on a cold clear night.

My route to work took me through the older areas of Charlotte and remembered again that Charlotte is a pretty southern city if you stay away from the University area and south Charlotte.

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