Thursday, December 11, 2003

Boo yah!

Today at lunch I just made my tomorrow a whole lot easier. Even though I have a car and insurance for it I do not have a license. Well, I do have a license but it expired in February. Before I could go to the license place and get my license I had a fine I had to pay at the place you get your plates for an expired inspection sticker. This fine was levied over two years ago for my last vehicle. For the hell of it I cruised by the plate place to see how big the line was (yeah, I'm driving without a license. So fucking what?). I looked inside and there was no line. Let me repeat that: there was no line at the DMV. There was no line at the DMV. There was no line at the DMV in Charlotte, NC. I paid my fine, got back in my car, went to Wendy's and got back to work with fifteen minutes free to eat my chicken sammich and baked 'tater.

I don't know what's going on. I think I shifted realities for a few minutes and ended up on bizzaro earth. A place where there are no lines at the DMV and long lines to service me sexually.

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