Friday, December 12, 2003

Before I go to bed, a few thoghts

I know I have mentioned it before but I have to say it again: downloading music has introduced me to so much good music over the last couple of years. Bands like the White Stripes, The Shins and Dismemberment Plan. Heck, I've even downloaded albums by artists I like just because I didn't have the music to buy it. Certain older artists have shown me through some albums I stole that they are still putting out good music so I went ahead and bought their newest albums. If I hadn't stolen their previous album I wouldn't know they were still putting out good shit.

I can't over emphasize the freedom having a car gives you. As someone who has ridden the bus for a year and a half I was in heaven today as I just drove around and did some window shopping, drove by the house I once lived in with my family, stopped by the new store that occupies the same space as the convenience store I first worked at in 1990 and stopped by a library I used to work to say hello. Today was one of my favorite type of Carolina days also. There air was crisp and the sky was Carolina blue with high thin frozen clouds. I just drove around playing CD's on the cheap stereo. Goddamn, it was lovely.

If you live in Charlotte and need to get your license renewed don't go to any DMV in Charlotte. Go to the DMV office on Highway 74 which is just north of downtown Monroe. I was in and out in less than one hour. I had pretty much resigned myself to losing the whole day but left there with free hours I hadn't counted on. That brought on the warm fuzzy glow I felt as I drove around town.

This whole new car thing has me terrified. So far everything has worked out perfectly. I can't remember when a step of this magnitude has worked out so well. I am waiting for the big let down. I am expecting for it to start hissing at a stop light and for flames to creep out from under the hood. Then I will bolt from the car, run across the street and dive into the bushes and safety as my new car explodes, killing families and causing a grease fire at the McDonalds at the intersection. I will then be arrested, tried and convicted, sent up the river and then punked out by a series of murderers in the state pen. Write me while I'm there, please. Can you update you blog in prison?

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