Tuesday, December 23, 2003

40 acre rock

On Sunday the Panthers were playing the woeful Detroit Lions. Since they were playing a shitty team and they had already clinched their playoff spot I saw no reason to waste a nice sunny day in front of the television. There would be plenty of time for TV watching later that night.

Chris and I decided earlier that week to spend our Sunday in Lancaster County at Forty Acre Rock.

Forty Acre Rock is a masive granite rock that sits in the middle of a forest. The entrance to the rock is actually at the top of the rock and the rest of it slopes away from you. It feels like the top of a steep mountain whose bottom you can't see.

There is a trail you can follow to the bottom of a narrow valley that has a stream that opens up to a shallow beaver pond. There is a small water fall and flood valley next tot he rock. The creek that runs around the base of the rock has carved out a steep trough and when we climbed down into it the temperature dropped about ten degrees.

It had been a while since I had gone tromping through the woods. It really felt good to be someplace where I couldn't hear any automobile traffic at all. The only manmade sounds were our voices and the occasional airplane.

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