Sunday, November 23, 2003


Today I worked. The library I work at is open from 1-6 on Sundays. I don't mind working weekends because I enjoy the day off during the week and the three-day weekend you get the following weekend. Have I mentioned that before? Probably a few times. I repeat myself in conversation so why not in my blog?

Three of us work on my weekend shift. It consists of me, William and our boss lady. William was going on vacation for a week on Monday and it was pretty obvious he was ready to start his vacation. It wasn't like he was copping an attitude but he was obviously ready to go home before he left for work today. He was resolved to soldier on until we closed at six.

Since business was pretty slow boss lady let William go home early. He actaully got a little bouncy and beamed like lion cub chewing on a wildebeest leg. He adjusted his time card, wrapped up some final work stuff and got the hell out of Dodge.

There must have been about 30 people standing outside the library waiting for William to leave. We got busy as hell. At one point I was actually doing three things at once. I was helping a mother and a daughter find a biography of a person who died before 1850 that was over 200 pages long, I was signing up people for the internet and I was taking payments for computer printouts.

Boss lady and I handled it well. Neither of us flipped out and the mad rush only lasted about 30 minutes. We even joked about calling William and telling him to get back to work but we decided he probably wasn't answering his phone.

Whenever I get that busy I always think of Tom. There is nothing he enjoys more than the public and their needs.

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