Sunday, November 16, 2003

Longevity again

Last week I attended a class for library employees. It's called "Reference Ropes Sources." Simply put it's a three hour class designed to familiarize you with the twenty reference sources that are carried by every branch no matter the size. I had the class before several years ago and I am now a highly trained reference librarian but it's good to have knowledgable people discuss useful material. The librarian that did most of the instructing was John from the main library and he knows his shit. It's always a learning experience when you hear someone speak about something he knows intimately. It was also nice that I was able to sit next a beautiful, smart and funny young lady from another branch who is ten big years younger than me. Sometimes it's just nice to sit next to a pretty girl.

I always forget that every class at the library begins with the instructors introducing themselves and them having the students do the same. This was the first class I had attended where I mentioned that I had been with the library for ten years. For the first time in my life a group of people murmured at something I had said. I remember thinking "are they impressed or was that fifteen people saying 'Jesus, I can't imagine being here ten years from?'" Wendell says it was a mixed reaction.

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