Tuesday, November 25, 2003


Did you notice this morning that the air was crisp? You know, crisp. The kind of air that kinda stings when you take your first breath outdoors and you don't have to waffle about whether or not to take your jacket to work. The kind of weather that turns a young man's fancy to love. Wait, that would be daylight and darkness. Nevermind on that.

It is the kind of weather that reminds me that I haven't found my gloves I probably lost late last winter. Damn those bastards at Southpark Mall for running off Sears! I couldn't believe how hard it was to find a decent pair of gloves at that fucking mall last week. I went to three different department stores and left the mall in a huff after each of these over-priced and understocked glossy and perfumed meterosexual stores either didn't have their gloves in yet (what the fuck is up with that?) or had gloves that were higher priced than ties at the Knot Shoppe.

I betcha I could have purchased a nice pair of gloves for less than twenty bucks at Sears in about ten minutes. Who knew how important Sears was to my life? I didn't.

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