Friday, October 31, 2003

Tour de Charlotte

Yesterday my bike and I took a trip to a car repair shop located about a mile northeast of downtown. It's owned by a fella that used to date my mom and he not only repairs cars, he also sells them. I have recently found myself walking through the parking lot of the Harris Teeter near where I work and longing after the cars of others. Recently there was a show at the Double Door I wanted to see and I didn't go because the club is not near a convenient bus line. At least I think it's not. I haven't really checked. I need a car. I don't really want one but I gots to have one.

I got off the bus downtown and pedaled the 1 1/2 miles to the shop. The owner, Ahmed, is not there. His second mechanic is a Spanish speaking gentleman that I do not know. I try to ask him when Ahmed will be back. He says "Uhhh...I no speak Ingles." I try again and he says, "Uhhhh...back in five minutes." I have the suspicion that he would have said that if Ahmed had been due back next week.

I give Ahmed a half an hour. I read a bit and get bored and hop on my bike and head back downtown to catch the bus home. When I get downtown I decide to do something that I have been considering for a while, I just keep riding. I figured I could get home in about an hour.

It was fun. I spent a few minutes downtown trying to avoid the watery trail of a street cleaner. I stopped at two music stores. I helped a lady with a motorized wheelchair get into her car. I paused to watch a lady fish at the pond at Freedom Park and scared her when I coughed. At the second music store I bought a used copy of Madden 2004 for my Xbox. I Chatted with the middleasterner at Mikes Discount Beverages. He thinks Charlotte drivers suck. I also went to bed fairly early last night. Excercise makes for good sleeping.

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