Wednesday, October 22, 2003

New Job

My new job as a real actual living breathing librarian requires me to do a book talk at least twice a year. As I understand it our manager is one of the few in the county that actually requires her librarians to do book talks. My co-workers seem to be split in half in their enthusiasm for book talks but they do them and, judging from the one I have sat in on so far, do a good job. I do not enjoy talking in front of people but I am going to have a few months to prepare for my first book talk.
I'm not complainging, I knew this requirement when I accepted this position.

I am reading a book suggested by my boss and I think I'll use it in my first book talk. Yesterday I spent some desk time searching for articles and biographical information on the author. Yes, that's right, I got paid to do literary research. How cool is that?

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