Saturday, October 04, 2003

A few thoughts (sure beats trying to put some kind of coherent what-I-saw-on-the-bus story together

Holy Jeebus, I love watching playoff baseball but staying up until midnight when you have to work the next morning is for the birds. Go Cubs.

I saw in the news that today's big story is that one of Siegfried and Roy was bitten in the neck and drug offstage by a tiger. I reckon that if you play with the big cats long enough one of them is going to take you out someday. It's similar to being a male and having a prostate; one day it's going to turn on you.

I have been completely enjoying the Arnold bashing. I wonder if he's surprised that all this stuff is coming out. Was he prepared for this? Was he honest with his party? Did he think people would keep quiet? Did he delude himself? Next we'll find out that in his wrestling days he ate the brains of little boys so he could gain their youthful strength. His quote on that will be "I don't remembuh eating the brains of little boys. But if I did I apologize to all those I hurt either indirectly or less indirectly."

I saw that on Talking Points Memo that Joshua Marshall has a very long interview with Wesley Clark. I printed it out and I am going to try and read it today.

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