Monday, October 13, 2003

Bikin' to work

The Charlotte transit system has bike racks on the front of each bus. I have been meaning to utilize these racks for quite a long time. Today that day finally came.

I take the bus to my new job. The bus drops me off at the mall and I have been walking to work from there. It's a fairly short walk and is rather pleasant now that the temperature in the Carolinas has dropped in the seventies.

When I work at noon, like today, the bus that takes me home leaves the mall at 9:40. I get off work at nine. If I ride my bike from work I get home at 9:20. If I waited on the bus I'd get home around ten. A little sweat is worth the extra time. I do need to get a car before the summer. There's no way I'm riding a bike in work clothes in July. Ain't gonna happen.

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