Wednesday, October 01, 2003

The amateur sports commentator

Ah, Rush Libaugh: radio pundit, right wing partisan and football commentator. I heard Rush's comments about McNabb, the lead goat of the early part of the NFL season. I remember thinking that he could have phrased his comment better. Like instead of saying that he was overrated because he was black, Rush could have merely stated he considered McNabb simply overrated.

I sincerely belive the lovable lug was merely trying to sound like Rush. He couldn't just make a football comment he had to put a social spin on it. I think it was expected of him by ESPN.

I thought it was great. Rush proclaims to be the voice of the right wing masses and his inability to address McNabb without mentioning his race displayed how he and his peeps think. Or, at least, it showed his followers what they are expected to believe. The first sign that Rush made a boo boo was when the other talking heads starting tying to bail him out. They almost succeeded and, if I remember correctly, Rush did back off from his original statement.

Don't think the folks at ESPN aren't dancing in their offices because Rush's ill conceived comment is all over the news. There's going to be a ratings spike this Sunday. If the ratings stay up and the furor dies down the Rush will stay. If the ratings dive and the furor remains then Rush is gone.

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